NUS Team @ ACM ICPC World Finals 2017

NUS team TeamTam: Muhammad Rais Fathin Mudzakir (3rd year student), Agus Sentosa Hermawan (1st year student), and How Si Wei (2nd year student) has competed in the annual ACM ICPC World Finals 2017 in Rapid City, USA on 20-25 May 2016.

TeamTam obtained raw rank 32/133 teams but officially classified as rank joint-20. This is on par with NUS recent results since 2014 (joint-19/122/2014, joint-28/125/2015, joint-14/128/2016). Congratulations.

NUS ICPC Activities in 2017 and 2018 are donated by these generous companies:

ACM ICPC Selection Contest For Regionals 2017

Date and Time: Saturday, 02 September 2017, 9am-2PM SGT (end of Week 04, crosses lunchtime, lunch provided).
Tentative Venue: COM1-B-PL2 (capacity 46).
Format: Individual selection contest to determine individual coder rankings, using ICPC rules (e.g. 25 pages hardcopy reference material), but individual instead of team of three.
Problems are set by Dr Steven Halim with help from ... TBC ...

Tentative list of eligible NUS students are shown here.
Steven will do another mail blast to incoming freshmen around early August 2017 but the key strong students should already be listed here.

As we also do not host ACM ICPC Singapore in 2017, we will go to various Asian PP sites this year, see below.

NUS ACM ICPC Plans for Regionals 2017

Using donations from three companies mentioned above, we will send up to 5 NUS teams to 3 Asian PP sites in 2017.

Basically, the rationale for choosing these sites are:

  1. Can (any of) NUS team win it?
  2. If the first objective is realistically too hard, then we ask: Can (any of) NUS team be in top 3 in that site (for ACM ICPC World Finals 2018 qualification)?
  3. Do the contest dates clash with NUS S1 final assessment (exam) dates (25 Nov-09 Dec 2017)? (too many administrative problems otherwise)
  4. Can we actually afford it or is it economical? (remember that we will send lots of teams to multiple sites this year)

Based on this 2017 Asia Pacific & Indochina Peninsula (PP) data, we will

100% go to:

  1. The ACM ICPC Asia Jakarta (Indonesia) 2017 (still using 2016 link).
    Actual: 11-12 Nov 2017 (end of NUS Week 12)... we must go to this happy site every year :).
    NUS teams: ALL.
    As usual, this site is also the benchmark site regarding which NUS team goes to WF18 — in the possible scenario when we have other NUS team(s) qualifying to WF18.
    We had this tie-breaking case in 2016-2017 season between TeamTam and A0.
    Note that NUS team 5 will only go to Jakarta site.
    NUS staff-in-charge: Dr Steven Halim (Senior Lecturer) and one more TBA.
    NUS student-co-coach: TBA.

Strongly considering:

  1. The ACM ICPC Asia Yangon (Myanmar), 2017 (still using 2016 link).
    Actual: TBA... likely December 2017, hopefully does not clash with NUS exams as we got one qualification slot from here last year (team A0, but was not used)
    NUS teams: TBA (likely just team 2 and team 4).
    NUS staff-in-charge: TBA.
    NUS student-co-coach: TBA.
  2. The ACM ICPC Asia Manila, (Philippines), 2017 (2017 site still under construction).
    Actual: 13-15 December 2017, confirm does not clash with NUS exams and we got medium result in 2016 here.
    NUS teams: TBA (likely just team 1 and team 3).
    NUS staff-in-charge: TBA.
    NUS student-co-coach: TBA.

Somewhat considering:

  1. The ACM ICPC Asia Nakhon Pathom (Thailand), 2017 (link TBA).
    Actual: 17-19 November 2017 (end of NUS Week 13), we can go to this site.
    The host (Mahidol University) is at Nakhon Pathom, which is close to Bangkok.
    We usually get reasonably good results here too but historically it is hard to win here.
  2. The ACM ICPC Asia Ho Chi Minh City, (Vietnam), 2017 (link TBA).
    Actual: 7-8 December 2017 (on NUS exam week 02 but most exams should have ended by 8 December).
    We will check if there are a team of NUS students who are available on 7-8 December 2017 before deciding again.

Likely no:

  1. The ACM ICPC Asia Daejeon (South Korea), 2017.
  2. The ACM ICPC Asia Tsukuba (Japan), 2017.
  3. The ACM ICPC Asia Hua Lien, (Taiwan), 2017.

Singapore IOI Team

IOI 2017

Singapore will compete in Tehran, Iran for IOI 2017 (28 July - 4 August 2017). The on-site coach this year will be Ranald Lam Yun Shao.

IOI 2016 Results

Singapore IOI 2016 team has competed in Kazan, Russia, on 12-19 August 2016. All four returned with medals. Congratulations to Jacob Teo Por Loong (Gold), Clarence Chew Xuan Da (Silver), Pang Wen Yuen (Silver), and Zhang Guangxuan (Bronze).

Click here for a more detailed report by the on-site coach: Gan Wei Liang.

1G 2S 1B in 2016 is currently the third best result of Singapore IOI team in its 25 years of participation in IOI, bettered only by 2G 2S in 2001 and 2G 1S in 2014.

Press releases:

  1. MOE press release (30 August 2016)
  2. Channel News Asia (30 August 2016)
  3. Straits Times (30 August 2016)
  4. NUS SoC in-house press release (01 September 2016)

NOI+APIO 2017 Results

We have concluded APIO 2017 (50%) hosted by Australia. Combined with NOI 2017 result (also 50%), we have the following top 9 (the rest are not shown).

RankNameNOI17 (#)APIO17 (#)Sum
1 =Pang Wen Yuen471 (joint-1)231 (1)85.8
:O:O:OJacob Teo Por Loong471 (joint-1)199 (3)80.3
2 ▲Huang Xing Chen416 (joint-5)219 (2)78.1
3 ▲Zhang Guangxuan404 (7)166 (4)68.1
4 =Lim Li416 (joint-5)98 (6)57.9

5 ▼Jeffrey Lee Chun Hean435 (3)66 (> 6)54.5
6 ▼Estelle Lee418 (4)56 (> 6)51.3
7 ▲Clarence Chew Xuan Da265 (> 10)142 (5)50.2
8 =Damian Ho Xu Yang350 (10)54 (> 6)44.0

Future Trainings

The intensive trainings for top 4++ run from Monday, 12 June 2017 until Tuesday, 25 July 2017 (rank 5++ who are not yet JC2 as of 2017 are strongly recommended to join during the June school holiday period).

The training schedule (99.9% final) can be found here (a few minor changes are still possible, but will be rare).