NUS Team @ ACM ICPC World Finals 2016

NUS team RRwatameda: Nguyen Thanh Trung (1st year Master student), Nguyen Tan Sy Nguyen (4th year student), and Nguyen Hung Tam (3rd year student) obtained Joint-14 place (raw: Rank 15/128) in the annual ACM ICPC World Finals 2016 in Phuket on 15-20 May 2016. Congratulations. The in-house press-release can be found here.

NUS ICPC World Finals 2016 traveling expenses are donated by Garena.

ACM ICPC Selection Contest For Regionals 2016

Date and Time: Saturday, 10 September 2016, 1-6PM SGT (end of Week 05).
Venue: COM1-B-PL2 (capacity 46).
Format: Individual selection contest to determine individual coder rankings, using ICPC rules (e.g. 25 pages hardcopy reference material), but individual instead of team of three.
Problems are set by Dr Steven Halim with help of two senior two times ex NUS ACM ICPC world finalists: Jonathan Irvin Gunawan and Nathan Azaria.

As we do not host ACM ICPC Singapore this year, we will go to more Asian PP sites this year, see below.

This selection contest has been concluded.
The list of selected contestants can be found here.
Past and the newly selected NUS ACM ICPC team members are given one-year 24/7 access to NUS ACM ICPC Lab (COM2-2-15).

NUS ACM ICPC Plans for Regionals 2016

Using donations from two big IT companies in Singapore: Garena and Grab, we plan to send up to 6 NUS teams to 4 Asian PP sites this year.

The actual plan below are more or less confirmed and may only change a bit if there is/are suprising change(s) of contest date(s) by Asian PP Regional Contest Directors.

Basically, the rationale for choosing these sites are:

  1. Can (any of) NUS team win it?
  2. If the first objective is realistically too hard, then we ask: Can (any of) NUS team be in top 3 (for ACM ICPC World Finals 2017 qualification)?
  3. Do the contest dates clash with NUS S1 final assessment (exam) dates (19 Nov-03 Dec 2016)? (too many administrative problems otherwise)
  4. Can we actually afford it? (remember that we will send lots of teams to multiple sites this year)

Confirmed sites:

  1. The ACM ICPC Asia Jakarta (Indonesia), Sunday, 06 November 2016.
    Actual: 04-05-06-07 Nov, end of Week 12, start of Week 13, suitable timings and a very familiar place.
    ALL 6 NUS teams: A0, Pandamonium, TeamTam, Shopee_Army, Tourism, and Halim_Backup_Army will compete here as we are the defending champion for the past three years (List of Registered Teams).
    This site will also be the benchmark site regarding which NUS team goes to WF17 — in the possible scenario when we have other NUS team(s) qualifying to WF17 from other sites that happen after ACM ICPC Jakarta 2016 (see below)...
    NUS staff-in-charge: Associate Professor Tan Sun Teck and Dr Zhao Jin (Lecturer)
    NUS student-co-coach: Nathan Azaria (2x World Finalists 2014-2015).
  2. The ACM ICPC Asia Bangkok (Thailand), Saturday, 12 November 2016.
    Actual: 10-11-12-13 Nov, end of Week 13, suitable timings and also a familiar place.
    NUS teams: TeamTam and Shopee_Army will be sent here (List of Registered Teams).
    NUS staff-in-charge: Mr Ivan Chew Teck Meng (full-time TA).
  3. The ACM ICPC Asia Yangon (Myanmar), Friday, 09 December 2016.
    Actual: 07-08-09-10 Dec, during NUS holiday time (last NUS final assessment is on Saturday, 03 Dec 2016).
    There is budget direct flight from Singapore to Yangon daily.
    Note that the organizers really only allow Java for this contest...
    NUS team: A0 will be sent here (List of Registered Teams).
    NUS staff-in-charge: Dr Soo Yuen Jien (Senior Lecturer).
    NUS student-co-coach: Jonathan Irvin Gunawan (2x World Finalists 2014-2015).
  4. The ACM ICPC Asia Manila (Philippines), Thursday, 15 December 2016.
    Actual: 13-14-15-16 Dec, during NUS holiday time.
    NUS team: Pandamonium will be sent here (List of Registered Teams).
    NUS staff-in-charge: Associate Professor Tan Sun Teck

Singapore IOI Team

Future Trainings

The details for future trainings (usually in December, i.e. December 2016) for next year's 20-th NOI (Saturday, 18 March 2017) are not available yet.

At the time of writing (05 September 2016), NUS SoC is busy with ACM ICPC (see above).

IOI 2016 Results

Singapore IOI 2016 team has competed in Kazan, Russia, on 12-19 August 2016. All four returned with medals. Congratulations to Jacob Teo Por Loong (Gold), Clarence Chew Xuan Da (Silver), Pang Wen Yuen (Silver), and Zhang Guangxuan (Bronze).

Click here for a more detailed report by the on-site coach: Gan Wei Liang.

1G 2S 1B in 2016 is currently the third best result of Singapore IOI team in its 25 years of participation in IOI, bettered only by 2G 2S in 2001 and 2G 1S in 2014.

Press releases:

  1. MOE press release (30 August 2016)
  2. Channel News Asia (30 August 2016)
  3. Straits Times (30 August 2016)
  4. NUS SoC in-house press release (01 September 2016)

NOI+APIO 2016 Results

The Korean organizers have announced the official APIO 2016 results. Congratulations to Zhang Guangxuan, Liu Tianyi, Pang Wen Yuen, Clarence Chew Xuan Da, Gabriel Goh Kheng Lin (5 Silver APIO16 medals) and Huang Xing Chen (1 Bronze APIO16 medal).

The combined NOI16 scores (50%) and APIO16 scores (50%) produce the following table:

RankNameNOI16 (#)APIO16 (#)Sum
1Zhang Guangxuan342 (5)176.96 (1)63.7
2Clarence Chew Xuan Da357 (3)156.38 (4)61.8
3Pang Wen Yuen345 (4)157 (joint-2)60.7
4Jacob Teo Por Loong454 (1)87.81 (9)60.0

5Feng Jiahai373 (2)115.13 (7)56.5
6Liu Tianyi283 (7)157 (joint-2)54.5
7Ho Jie Feng302 (6)100.14 (8)46.9
8Huang Xing Chen255 (10)116 (6)44.8
9Gabriel Goh Kheng Lin216 (15)138 (5)44.6

Top 6 from APIO16 have received certificates from Korean organizers during IOI16.
Top 4++ have joined intensive training in mid June+July+early August 2016 (the schedule, PIC: Gan Wei Liang).

Other eligible students outside top 4 this year are encouraged to try again next year.
If you are no longer eligible for IOI, then join NUS and strengthen NUS ACM ICPC teams.